The Snowman Cometh: YES I Actually Want to See Fast Five.

Alright, I know now that the Jap-car age has died out, the movies have become cliche’, but the fact is as a movie buff, every movie in it’s own way has delivered. The first was ground breaking, especially after that God-awful Stallone movie. It delivered on every level. Soon after the genre started to fade, but the second came out, Diesel-less, and it slumped hard, but lets face it, on a rainy Saturday you are not going to say “No”, deny it or not. The third came out, otherwise known as “Tokyo Drift” which had none of the original cast, and a different storyline, but to me, held itself stronger than the second film, and introduced us to a key player that we didn’t realize “Han”. To be honest, the third added a new level to the story, and to be honest was entertaining on it’s own. Han we soon find out at the end of the third movie used to be with Diesel’s character before the first movie, thus tying it all in. Still, at this point a fan, next comes the 4th installment and almost all the players are intact. In itself a solid movie, removing the cringe worthy Michelle Rodriguez, who died in the movie. The fourth was a movie that held it’s own, and progressed the story nicely, and is in my opinion the 2nd best in the series. Fast forward to today, and the gang is on the run and after one last score, but has pulled together the remaining characters of the film short of Tokyo Drift, which is in actuality the last installment. So we have Diesel, Rock, Walker, and the gang from 1,2, 3 and 4, easy way of figuring it out….Han is from the final installment, but this one takes place before Tokyo Drift where Han dies. So think of Tokyo Drift as part 6. Is it perfect? No. But for God sakes use your imagination and just realize they didn’t think the series would go this far, and simply jumped the track and came back. Bottom line, this series is your dirty little secret that you watch on USA when nothing else is going on….I will be there opening weekend, not just for the beer at the movie tavern, but for the mindless action that will make me drool out of the side of my mouth.


About The Snowman

A self-proclaimed huguenaught, what ever that means
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