The Snowman Cometh: Random WWE Thoughts Pt. 2

Continuing thoughts from the mind of Snowman….

-Christian: Well, I have been and always will be a fan of Christian. He has a great work ethic, good mic skills, he’s quick in the ring, and a solid all around performer. He’s not on Edge’s level, but he is up there. My question is what does the man have to do to win the World title??? He’s done everything required in my mind. You give it to Swagger and Khali, but not Christian? Is it because he went to TNA? I don’t blame him, TNA was rising at the time, and he couldn’t buy a win on WWE tv at the time. Shit, X-Pac ditched you Vince, went to WCW, and came back with no penalty. So what is it that is keeping him from the big gold belt?! But hey, why waste time on Christian when you can give it to an undeserving jackass, am I right?

-Mid-Card Titles: I am sure good ole’ Pat Patterson is thrilled with how much the IC title has been shit on. What was once the belt that meant you were the best WRESTLER in the world now means, “we have no plans for you right now, but hold this to seem important til we figure something out” and of course it’s WCW counterpart the US title which means the exact same thing just on the red brand. They are place holders and nothing more. And the tag titles, there are no tag teams anymore, why have the tag titles??? I am so fed up with 3 important belts in the history of WRESTLING be shit on.

-Raw from Britain: WTF WAS THAT?! Seriously, that was possibly the worst wrestling show I have seen since the Russo days of WCW. Nothing flowed, everything ran too long, it felt very thrown together like the last days of WCW. R-Truth will never get over. He will always be known as Mr Bojangles, rapping and dancing for the crowd. Sorry, it didn’t work in WWF in the attitude era, or in TNA, and it’s not working here. My opinion on Sin Cara stands after this match, while he didn’t botch the entrance, perhaps a bigger trampoline this time, he looked uncomfortable. And finally WTF does CM Punk have to do to actually win??? He’s this generations Jake the Snake and you are wasting him. GRRRRRR!


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